Benefits of using WordPress for Blogging

You may be here to read my blog post to start your own blog or have an idea of creating a one for a while. If so then you should know about WordPress platform and benefits of using WordPress for blogging. WordPress is a platform for developing rock solid blogs. It made for an extremely customizable user interface. WordPress powers millions of blogs worldwide and even many big brands in the world use WordPress including CNN, PlayStation, New York Times Blogs, People Magazine etc. Believe now you know why WorPress is so......

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Why WordPress is Better

Similar to you at my early days of blogging, I too faced challenges in choosing the best blogging platform for my blog. After the extensive research, I could see most of the popular blogs on the web runs wonWordPress and BlogSpot. BlogSpot and WordPress both offer free blogging platform which is a good way to start trying blogging. Certainly not the best choice for any pro blogger as both has its ownership limitations. With the decade of blogging experience, I should say self-hosted WordPress blog is the best choice with its first......

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How to Build a More Trustworthy Website

The key strategy for a successful website is to implement a basic relationship with the consumer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re directly selling a brand on your website or sharing your stories and recipes, all it comes down to is Trust. This fundamental idea is so ingrained in our mental makeup that we hardly consider taking the extra few steps to add “trustworthiness” to our websites, even though we might look for certain symbols and signs when we visit any stranger’s website to ensure we aren’t getting ripped off. For example, would......

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10  Proven Strategies to Increase Your Social Media Followers

Social media is abuzz with shared photos and funny status updates. And it’s great news for businesses, both big and small. Because, it has opened a whole new avenue for ways in which you can build, establish and improve your online reputation and through increase exposure to your company brand and website. So, you can promote yourself in the right or the wrong way. I’m going to talk regarding the tactics – using by the best in the business to increase your social media followers counts surge. For most, every kind of......

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What could possibly be stopping your website conversion and how to fix it?

Is your website underperforming in terms of conversions? Are you experiencing severe abandonment issues despite all the money, time and effort you’ve invested in developing your web page? Well, it’s not the end of the world yet because I’ve compiled a short list of the most common mistakes that we make when trying to get high conversions, as well as tips on how to rectify them. Commitment Issues Most of your visitors will be averse to conversions and this is probably the leading factor that leads to them pressing the dreaded back......

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